Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Word Ladders!

I am obsessed with word ladders. As a first year teacher, I find that doing activities where students have to listen closely to follow directions in order to produce a result, like a word ladder or glyph, they become more conscientious when listening to Miss Gibson when she gives directions on other assignments ha. But I love how they help to build vocabulary while also focusing on phonetics. Here is an example of a word ladder from Create.Teach.Share,

Create Teach Share

Monday, December 26, 2011

I love Wikis!

So if you have never created or heard of a wikispace, you are truly missing out! Wikis are great for your computer center and easy for students to use. They are not stand alone websites but are practically the same. Since I teach first grade, my students are not able to create their own wiki for projects and presentations. However it is a great way to have students do meaningful, and purposeful online activities without you spending all your time loading a website on every computer. To give you an idea of what one looks like and how one is used by students, follow this link to see mine!

I have my wiki set as the homepage on each of my student computers as well as a shortcut on the desktop. So when they go to computer center, I tell them to click on the flower pot (which is the icon) and go to literacy computer center. When they click that link on the wiki it pulls up all the websites and activities I want to them to go to during the center. Some days I will have them go to my social studies page to watch videos or do interactive activities.

I am joining the blogging world!

Hello Fellow Teachers! I am a first year teacher in Chattanooga,TN, and I am completely overwhelmed! However, my life has been saved several times thanks to other teachers' blogs. As a new teacher, I have no files of activities to pull from and struggle to contribute in  common planning meetings with my first grade team. Once again, I go back to all these amazing blogs to find things to contribute. My team loves the things I find! My co-worker calls me the "blogging beauty." So I wanted to start my own blog and post the things I find that I feel will make an impact on student learning; hence the name of my blog: Teach to Impact. On the days I feel like I am sinking or  barely above water, I have to remember why I do what I do and that is to make a positive impact on student learning and their personal lives. I have not gotten to the point of creating my own units and activities, but there are some amazing teachers out there that do, and I want to promote their amazing talents! I hope that my blog and the things you find here will impact you in a positive way and motivate you to use these resources in your classroom! Happy blogging and don't forget to follow me!