Monday, December 26, 2011

I love Wikis!

So if you have never created or heard of a wikispace, you are truly missing out! Wikis are great for your computer center and easy for students to use. They are not stand alone websites but are practically the same. Since I teach first grade, my students are not able to create their own wiki for projects and presentations. However it is a great way to have students do meaningful, and purposeful online activities without you spending all your time loading a website on every computer. To give you an idea of what one looks like and how one is used by students, follow this link to see mine!

I have my wiki set as the homepage on each of my student computers as well as a shortcut on the desktop. So when they go to computer center, I tell them to click on the flower pot (which is the icon) and go to literacy computer center. When they click that link on the wiki it pulls up all the websites and activities I want to them to go to during the center. Some days I will have them go to my social studies page to watch videos or do interactive activities.


  1. Shellie,

    I LOVE my wiki, too. I feel like were wiki sisters. I also have mine set as my homepage. As a matter of fact, on our school class page I have a FLASHING arrow directing traffic to my wiki. The tech guy doesn't like the flashing arrow, but he just has to deal with it. I'm a flashing arrow kind of person. By the way, welcome to the land of blogging. I look forward to reading more posts.


  2. This post is dedicated to Dr.Milligan over at my alma mater Carson-Newman College!